CBD For Insomnia

Cannabidiol has numerous health benefits like fighting inflammation, anxiety, pain and stress. Recently, studies have been conducted and show a direct correlation between CBD and insomnia. CBD promotes deep REM sleep helping with fatigue during the daytime. Particularly, Individuals suffering from neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, in addition to insomnia, have seen improvement with CBD use due to its ability to reduce REM behavior disorder that causes people to act out physically during REM sleep and dreaming. Cannabis also works to reduce pain from those suffering chronic diseases, and therefore improving sleep and insomnia.

Commonly, CBD is associated with a feeling of relaxation and sleep. Additionally, CBD stimulates alertness, which is important for your body’s performance throughout the day in order to have a consistent sleep/wake cycle. We know that anxiety is a large issue for those suffering from sleeping problems. Research backing CBD being helpful to those suffering from anxiety, we know that stress response is improved upon intake of CBD, therefore turning you to relaxation and improvement in the quality of your sleep.