Muscle Pain Relief Lansing

At Holistic Health, we offer a wide variety of hemp and CBD products in the form of edibles, oils, topical creams, and softgels. Our CBD products are widely popular for muscle pain relief in Lansing.

Is CBD good for muscle recovery?

CBD helps with faster muscle recovery post strenuous physical activity or workouts due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Your muscle fibers endure wear and tear during workouts causing microscopic damage to your fibers. The body, in return, reacts to this inflammation by causing muscle stiffness and soreness. Applying CBD based topical creams or a CBD ointment on joints and sore areas can help reduce pain and inflammation.

According to a 2018 study, CBD reduces inflammation, helps alleviate pain, and improves mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis. CBD's anti-inflammatory property not only relieves pain but offers an effective solution for those with issues of chronic inflammation.

Does CBD help with muscle spasms?

Investigatory studies show that oral cannabis extracts offer pain relief for patients with multiple sclerosis. These studies also found a 20% improvement in muscle spasticity in more than half of the subjects with cannabis treatment within 30 days. CBD contains a non-psychoactive compound that offers instantaneous relief from muscle spasms.

CBD works as a great post-workout supplement as it prevents muscle stiffness and soreness and offers better sleep. CBD supplements offer benefits such as muscle repair, relief from PMS, muscle spasms and muscle cramps, and eases inflammation. Avid muscle builders and gym enthusiasts order our range of CBD products from time to time for muscle pain relief in Lansing.

Benefits of CBD

CBD has a variety of uses and medical benefits in treating conditions like pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Besides these, CBD also offers aid in:

  • Managing stress - Regular intake of CBD supplements has a positive impact on your mind and body's general response to stressful situations and triggers. CBD reduces the production of stress hormones and offers a perfect balance of mind and promotes relaxation.
  • Reduces Inflammation - CBD is clinically proven for its effectiveness in treating a variety of body pains, especially muscle and joint pains. CBD achieves this by reducing inflammation and pain signals in your body without causing any side-effects.
  • Does not lead to addiction - One of the greater benefits of this supplement is its chemical composition. Although CBD comes from a plant that is a variety of marijuana, it has very little concentrates of THC that does not cause addiction to its users.
  • Better focus and clarity - CBD comes from Cannabis, but it's neither psychotropic nor psychoactive. It contains minimal traces of THC, creating the perfect balance in your brain for it to function to its fullest potential. CBD heals and reduces stress and anxiety, improves mental clarity, and focus in your everyday functioning.

Our range of hemp and CBD based products are entirely safe and are widely popular for muscle pain relief in Lansing. At Holistic Health, we farm our biomass and test them at every stage of manufacturing. Visit our official website for more information.