Brain Octane CBD Tincture
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Brain Octane CBD Tincture

100% Organic and naturally flavored! Brain Octane Oil raises fat burning, brain boosting molecules called ketones for energy rather than glucose from carbs. This boosts weight loss and reduces inflammation.

SUBLINGUAL: Shake well before use. Place 1 dropper under tongue for 1 minute swallow leftover liquid. 

Edible and flavorless put 1 full dropper on food or protein shakes and smoothies. 

May be used as vape additive. Add 1 part tincture with 3 parts favorite e-liquid. Shake Well.


Actual Product Size:
Capacity: 1 Oz. - 30 ml

Size: 31 x 90 mm (1.25 x 3.54 in.)

Brain Octane Oil, CBD Isolate

CBD Options- Isolate (0% THC) Full Spectrum (.03% THC)


Call for custom products formulations (Melatonin or B12 Vitamins)


Price $41.99


  • Lab-Tested for Safety & Purity

  • Rich in Neuroprotectants